September Cars & Coffee

Still growing

I was wondering what the turnout would be like with such miserable weather in the forecast only midway through the scheduled 9am to 1pm show.

I arrived about 930am and already the parking lot was filling up.  The Mustangs, Camaros, Corvettes, and mix of Mopar people were well represented as usual.  I love my car, but these people take car care to a whole new level.  Many owners were wiping down their rides while it was still raining.  At the midway point, the skies started to open up but the sprinkles thankfully lasted only about 10 minutes.  Unfortunately, 30 minutes later the skies would open up again and not let up until way after 1pm.  I got some good pictures before everyone made a quick exit.

This guy was a late arrival and immediately people approached him about what year, how long have you had it, etc.  It’s a 1993 Acura NSX with barely 56,000 miles.  He bought it from the 83 year old original owner in Ft Lauderdale, FL recently.  It looks great, but after looking closely it is definitely a driver.


There was a fairly good showing of exotics this month as well.  This 2014 Aventador has been to several of these events before and still is an attention grabber.  Also in attendance was a 2017 Aventador with what appeared to be 2 feet thick orange paint and a 2018 Ferrari.



I’ve always had a thing for odd short-lived models.  This 1990 VW Corrado is no exception.  I always loved these simply for the fact they were so distinct from every angle.  Many publications listed the Corrado as a “must drive”.  Th G60 model had a supercharged 158hp I-4 engine.  This jewel hasn’t even flipped 100K miles yet.


This was new territory for me as I didn’t know Studebaker ever made a truck.  This one has definitely been restored recently.


Never expect a stock Honda Civic to appear at a Cars & Coffee.  Well, maybe a new Type R that hasn’t been modified, yet.



Can you hear Jan Hammer’s theme from Miami Vice?  This ’91 Benz 560SEC is for sale for $11,500.  The interior looked amazing except for the cracking gear shift wood surround. . . if the owner is reading this, I know a guy in Nashville that’ll refinish that!



How often do you see a 45 year old restored Peterbuilt?  I’ve never priced out a set of ten brand new big rig tires before, but I’m confident I’d have to sell my car to get them!


This Rolls-Royce Phantom II was featured at last years Keeneland Concours show.  It was one of 12 Brewster Town Car Limousines constructed.  It’s been in the same family since 1969.  It didn’t appear to be in Concours condition now, but what will YOUR car look like when it is 85 years old?


I guarantee if there’s an Aston Martin within viewing distance, it’s definitely getting photographed.  This 2006 example has been named “MoneyPenny”.  Love it!

20180901_101306Here’s a nice line up of Pontiacs on display. Two G8’s on the end, a Firebird and three 3rd generation GTO’s in between. I had the odd pleasure of riding in the backseat of a GTO in San Diego about 13 years ago. The seats were unbelievably comfortable for ANY car seat I’ve ever had the pleasure to sit in front or back.


I’ve seen this car at various events around town.  I’m always intrigued because it looks so happy!  This is an Austin Healey “Bugeye” Sprite.  Yes, it is just as little as it appears on the picture.  The wheelbase is only 80 inches.



I thought the white NSX I posted earlier was low mileage.  This jewel has only 26,000 miles and looked mint inside and out.  I didn’t see the owner anywhere around and I was curious about the aftermarket wheels.  My guess is the factory wheels are safely stored to avoid any remote chance of curb rash.


Right before the heavens opened up, I talked to this guy briefly about this apocalypse ready F-series.  He coated the entire thing in a Line-X type coating that he said withstands baseball bats.  He also replaced the 11 lb. plastic grille with a 31 lb. steel one.  If “The Walking Dead” franchise becomes a real life nightmare, this is the vehicle I want to be in!


Here’s something you definitely don’t see every day.  This is a 4-year old Ariel Atom.  Nowadays when you hear about a car with 230hp it’s not a big deal, but when said car weighs less than a ton with a driver, take notice!  That’d be the equivalent of the Volvo S90 driven last week having nearly 600hp.  The owner also happens to be my mechanic.


About 10 minutes after this picture was taken, people were leaving in droves and the downpours started.  I’m optimistic that next month the weather will be a lot cooler, no rain, and twice as many cars in attendance!

Have a great week!

2 thoughts on “September Cars & Coffee

  1. Great selection – love the variety of cars that showed up. The Grand Prix White NSX and Brooklands Green NSX both looked to be in pretty nice condition. I really love that old big-body Benz SEC for sale. I’m sure it’s built like a tank. What, no pics of your TL on display?!


    1. Our Cars & Coffee is definitely a broad mix of everything from beaters to $300K+ exotics. There was a note on a VW Karman Ghia that said the owner finished getting the car running late the night before, it still had a lot of work to be done, but it was obviously his pride and joy. The white NSX was definitely a driver, but could easily be minty with a little bit of work while the green one could have been Concours ready in a day or two. Those big bodied Benzes I think would be ideal on a cross-country road trip. . . just have a large limit on that BP card! TiLly needed a break from the camera and doesn’t really mix well with all the custom imports!


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