October Cars & Coffee

Fall weather – cooler temps


Mother nature was not cooperating with the time-of-year appropriate sweatshirts, infinite pumpkin drinks, and changing colors of the trees.  It was already close to 80 degrees and not even a hint of a breeze at 10am.

Hot cars and hotter than normal temps?  We’ll go with that theme for this month.


This car reminds me of an era my dad talked about back in the day. . . “when in doubt, add more chrome”.  This old Chevy has obviously been restored in the not so distant past and shines like new from bumper to bumper.


1939 Ford Coupe has not had interior or exterior mods and was for sale for $39,500.

The Pontiac Solstice GXP next to it was a looker too.


Only recently have I been turned on to early Miatas.  I have a co-worker that races 1 of his 3 Miatas regularly on the SCCA circuit.  I’ve always known they were lightweight and fun to drive, but with minimal modifications, they can be a track superstar on a budget.


Future classic?  This early 90’s Supra seems to have gone under the radar for the more desirable Mark IV versions that are increasing rapidly in value.  I like the looks of the Mark III better, but to each his own.


I’ve said since 2013 that the stock Audi S5 is one of the best looking cars out there regardless of price and this one on custom wheels is even more of a head turner.


A cars & coffee just isn’t complete without a Hellcat.


I’m not a fan of this shade of green, but Viper’s will be the centerpiece for years to come where ever they go.  The 8.0 liter+ V-10 engine in these monsters is unmistakable at full throttle.



I’ve always loved the RX-7.  This beauty has a long list of well done mods.  I’m always optimistic that pop-up headlights will come back.


The VW Beetle has been customized more than any other ride I can think of.  From stock to extreme, a car show dedicated to the Bug wouldn’t be difficult to find with 100+ entrants.


I’ve seen this drop-dead gorgeous Jag at various events over the years and it never fails to impress.


Many critics called the latest version of the GTO (“Holden Monaro” to those across the Pacific) a ‘missed opportunity’ by Pontiac.  The 6.0 liter V8 was a beast, but the styling could have been so much more.  A friend in San Diego had one in Yellow Jacket and the backseat was surprisingly comfortable, but lacked legroom of course.


When my mom and dad met, my mom had a navy blue Cutlass that had air conditioning.  My dad joked for years that is why he married her.  Any vehicle with A/c in the 1960’s was either top tier ride or an expensive option.  Anyone know of a 2018 model that DOESN’T have standard A/C?

Until next time . . . have a great week!


2 thoughts on “October Cars & Coffee

  1. I can’t think of a new model today that doesn’t have A/C. In fact it’s getting to be extremely rare to even find a vehicle with out power windows these days, if they even exist at all. Nice variety of cars at C&C! I have always loved the lines of the S5, too. That 1958 Chev is unreal. Showroom fresh.


    1. I remember as late as the early 2000’s that Ford Ranger pickups had optional A/C and I only know that because a friend Vegas had one. If any new car is still made without A/C it wouldn’t be sold anywhere around here due to the summer humidity alone. We have a few 2017 Toyota Yaris’s that have manual windows. . . thank heavens those are getting phased out due to mileage maximums. We get complaints about those because they don’t even have cruise control!


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