October Cars & Coffee – northside

Can’t we all just get along?

The original organizers of the local Cars & Coffee events have had a disagreement(?) on how the monthly events are to be run.  I think it’s pathetic that a metro area of barely a quarter million can’t unite once a month to celebrate the 4-wheeled machine, but I’m on the outside looking in.  I don’t know all the details (a.k.a. drama), but it is still a disappointment.


Every day is a good day for a RHD Skyline . . . yes, this is legal, it’s over 25 years old.


This is always been one of my favorite Ferraris.  Is it the hood scoop?  The 3 separate beamed headlights?  I don’t know.  It’s hard to believe the 550 Maranello was introduced over 20 years ago already.


It’s a good day whenever I see an Aston Martin . . .


. . . but even better to see two of them side by side!


Not many of these jewels around.  The front of the SLS is very distinctive.


Who can we count on to bring back the museum quality hood ornament?


I have many facebook friends that would give a kidney to have a NSX.  I don’t remember seeing this one around town and I couldn’t see inside enough to see the odometer.  Nothing but love to the owners that can keep them under 50K miles, but much respect to the owners that have 100K+ miles and daily drive them.


The Porsche club in town obviously were in full support of this show instead of the other one.  There were at least a dozen Porsche’s at this one from the 356 to the latest and greatest 911.

I’m not sure how I feel about using the rear wing of a 911 as a drink holder.



Flawless black paint, matching black wheels, & black interior.  Nothing says “I’ve arrived” like a Bentley convertible.


Always a good mix of Kentucky made Corvettes at nearly any car event around here.


Amazing Auburn “Boat tail” coupe.  I wish my camera was able to capture this amazing shade of blue.   This is definitely one of my local favorites now.

What is the best car you’ve ever seen at a Cars & Coffee?


2 thoughts on “October Cars & Coffee – northside

  1. The Porsche wing cup holder is pretty innovative. I went to a small local C&C in Chandler, AZ this morning with about 7 or 8 NSX brethren. We had a nice time, and the omelet at the restaurant next door hit the spot. Have a good weekend!


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